Unidesk and Windows 10 1511 boot hanging

Quick post to point out an excellent article over at the Unidesk support site that doesn’t quite describe all the symptoms you may encounter.

With Unidesk 2.7+ (2.9.4 in my case), if you are capturing Windows 10 build 1511 or greater, after you have captured your OS layer and deploy your first desktop based on that, you may encounter an endlessly spinning Win 10 boot screen.


Unidesks’ article (found here), talks about the larger picture¬†with how they capture images and provides an easy fix. It’s a pretty interesting peek under the covers of what they are doing during image capture. It is a far more predictive process around the storage side of things than I would have thought. App virtualization has changed so much in the last decade.

Unidesk helpfully points out how you can positively identify this issue in the C:\Windows\inf\setupapi.dev.log file, but I wanted to hopefully associate more Google searches with this excellent fix (it takes about 10 minutes to implement), because while they detailed some scenarios you might run into, this common situation, capturing Windows 10, is not very advertised.

If after capturing a new Windows 10 image in Unidesk and deploying a new desktop from the clean gold image, you find yourself staring at an ever more hypnotic spinning circle, follow the steps in the link!

Happy OS layering!